Time flies really fast when you are happy.

And yes, my life filled with so much love and joy because of my baby girl – Chelsea. She turned 2 years old [human age] last March 11, 2024. I’ve been meaning to celebrate her birthday, let her experience the best life that it could be, but since that last 2023 was hectic, we are doing our best to make life more enjoyable and wonderful this year. There were a lot of activities lined up and I am making sure that she would be able to experience beautiful things that life has to offer.


The Preparation:

I just thought that I want her birthday celebration would be a yearly tradition wherein I will dedicate a day to celebrate her life. On her 2nd barkday I decided to have a yellow and flower theme, which is cute and whimsy, very fitting to Chelsea.

I ordered simple balloons and decoration at Shopee at a very low price [there were still balloons left] as an OA mom I tend to order or get more than usual when it comes to her.

For furmom and furdad and other visitors, I just cooked a carbonara dish which is our favorite and bought a cake from Goldilocks. I discovered a new flavor that has perfect level of sweetness we enjoyed it a lot and we will lean to Luscious Caramel flavor now.

I ordered cake for Chelsea from a small business here in Bulacan. The price is reasonable and she loved the cake so much that she ate it in one go.


The Celebration:

Chelsea’s favorite persons were present on the simple celebration. She enjoyed her time with the family and received a lot of hugs and cuddles. W

Not only that, Chelsea received a lot of gift from my teammates and she is the happiest.


Being with Chelsea is one of the happiest and fulfilling I’ve done so far. I’ve learned to be more patient, and to have something to nurture. She makes the pain less bearable and definitely my stress reliever during those trying times.

Two years is such a short time and yet time spent with her is so precious and we would like to take care of her so that we would spend many years with her.

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