Travelling or as simple as going out with your dog is a rewarding experience. I am making a point to have Chelsea go with us as much as we can even if we are just running errands. As a “praning” dog mom I am always prepared and having pet bag essentials ensures that Chelsea is comfortable and happy. The following are the things that I always bring on a quick errand/walk.

The bag -  we don’t need to be extravagant when it comes to the bag. I am just using my trusted shoulder bag that can hold a lot and everything that Chelsea needs is covered. There are two main compartments and  a small infront of the bag.

Leash and Harness - harness is essential when going out; I prefer Chelsea to wear a harness instead of collar because it provides better control and reduces the risk of injury in sudden movements or accidents.

Collapsible Bowl and a water bottle - Golden retrievers are high energy dogs. It is important for them to stay hydrated for their well being. I got her bowl at Shopee and water bottle at Daiso.

Treats - If we are just out and doing errands, I am not bringing dog food with us just a little treats as a reward for good behaviour outside

Waste Disposal Bags - Always carry waste disposal bags with you to clean up after your dog. We need to be courteous to other people and the establishment that were in.

Extra Diaper - even though that Chelsea is crate trained [She poops and pee in her crate once we are back]  I am constantly carrying an extra diapers for emergency purposes

Pet Wipes - To maintain hygiene especially if she walked outside, it is our habit to wipe her paws when we got back to the car

Vaccination Card - This probably is the most important one. I always always bring her records because there are establishments that requires to show us proof before entering.

I hope that this list helps you to pack the essentials that your furry friend needs when you are going outside. They are few might be a few things that you want to add, do what’s best for your peace of mind

How about you, what are the things that you always carry on your pet bag? Let me know in the comments.

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