March is the new January oopss.

2023 was a year that I had a lot going on; a *LOT* of hospital visits, work got the best of me, on my free day/s I tend just to rest, sleep chill and cuddle with my dog. 2023 was rough for me I was so stuck and on a serious case of burnout and I couldn’t help but to compare myself with others especially on social media which is kind of crazy because at work it always seems I had it all together but in reality it’s not.

Let me recap you all about my 2024 so far.

I am feeling optimistic on this year. A lot of visions, dreams plans in place but nothing happened yet and will be starting to make those a reality

January was still filled of hospital visits and follow ups. Nothing much happened except of my attempt of creating content on TikTok, basically creating slideshow content and sharing something that might add value to everyone that might stumble on my page. But majority of my posts were muted anddd I did not post that much again.


February was the month of realization

I’ve became more aware of my surroundings. I’ve became more conscious about my health; whether physical, mental and spiritual health. I started to watch out my diet, go for walk/run and even going to church every Sunday.

Aside from that, one of the important realizations that I had was asking myself: “What do I really want in my life? Do I really stuck on this 9 to 5?” Don’t get me wrong I am happy to where am I on my job but I’ve been wanting to be a writer/blogger since 2018. There were many attempts of me making a website on different platforms; this website was the most stable yet idle of them all. Claiming that this month will be the start of my journey as a blogger and creator.

While my experience of being a dog mom will be my focus, I want to have a variety of posts as well. I want to be more creative yet impactful on this blogging journey.


What you will find here:

  •       My dog mom chronicles and everything in between
  • .      My love for Food – most probably restaurant that I tried out
  •     Travel – I’ve meaning to travel more this year. I have couple of destination in mind and I can’t wait to share everything
  •    Other lifestyle content: beauty, skincare and my self-love journey

I am excited what this month’s holds. This will be a fresh start yet a busy one.


  1. Ito rin po ung mga gusto kong content na basahin and excited na po ako sa iba nyo pa pong ishare. Thank you so much and God Bless po

  2. The wait is over! Your return brings a wave of excitement and anticipation. Ready to rediscover the magic of your words and stories! 🌟📖