I cannot believe that I made it this far. I am already 25 years old and despite the current situation, there are a lot of things to be thankful for. First off I want to thank God, for the gift of life, and my family and friends who always support me. I’ve planned to post this on  my actual birthday however, I chose to take a rest and relax on my birthday week. I had a simple birthday celebration because was not able to eat out and I need to work.

As I turn 25, and after all the obstacles that I’ve been through, here are things that I’ve realized and learned for the past 24 years.

Life is not okay sometimes but life must go on. I just want to let you know that it is okay not to be okay.Now that life is slowing down, today is the best time to focus on our mental health. It can be a  struggle especially if there is no one who can share your thoughts with. Always remember that you have those family and loved ones together with  this battle. It is okay to feel those negative emotions, what’s important are the things that we do about it.

This one is hard for me, to accept  that sometimes things  are not going on according to the plan. Don’t fight it, but instead acknowledge it and accept it. It is really great to validate what you’re feeling and it’s a good step in knowing yourself more.

Meditation is the key. It helps to clear out negative thoughts and focus on the present. It is also the simplest way to calm ourselves when things are getting out of hand. I am making a point to meditate everyday for at least 2 to 5 minutes of silence and breathe. 

This is the biggest challenge yet for me so far. For the past month, I’ve started on working out (better late  than never) to take  care of myself more and I cannot afford to be sick during this time of uncertainty. Alongside this is  to  eat healthier (though is it really hard for me. I really love to eat out) and let’s admit that healthier options are more expensive here in the Philippines

Let go
As the  saying goes: “ Let go of the things that do not spark joy on our lives”. So whenever I’ve recognized this emotion that is not serving a purpose in my life, I take time to feel it and let go afterwards.

And here are  the things that I’ve learned so far. Time really flies that fast. Til the next celebration.

Giveaway Time

Welcome to The New Normal, folks. Here are some gentle reminders: always wash your hands, practice physical distancing and only go out for essentials.
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What I'm Wearing: Top from Taytay Tiangge, Maong Shorts from Thrift Shop, Care Masks  from Jukaykay

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