This is the most spontaneous travel that I've done to date.

Dingalan Aurora, dubbed as Batanes of the East, gives adventure a new meaning. From picturesque beach, breathtaking summit and amazing rock formation you will never regret this amazing experience.

Approximately 5 to 6 hours drive from Manila lies this gem. Many of us wanted to see the beauty of Batanes which is situated at the northern part of our country. Considering that going to Batanes has the most expensive airfare that you can get within the country, it makes us difficult for us to visit it.

This alternative will never fail us and it will ignite your desire to go to Batanes.

Together with my college friends, we explore the beauty of Dingalan. It was a daytour, but we made most out of it. 

Our first stop over, this iconic "I love Dingalan" marker. It was raining that time but still we were able to manage to take a *LOT* of photos.

Since there was a rain on our way there, we were considered ourselves lucky to see this amazing view. After the rain, a rainbow showed up which actually reminded me that there is always hope for everyone.

The squad before going to the island. We were escorted by a tour guide whose actually in-charge of our trip. We went for a boat ride for almost 45 minutes.

The water was so clear and pristine. On this day and age that Lightroom is a trend to enhance the color, saturation and the likes of every photo, you don't need this app at all.

Our next stop was the Rock Formation. Fear consumed me at first because the waves are too high and we have to jump off the boat while the tour guide assists us.

Just a gentle reminder to be more careful because the rocks are too sharp. If you are planning to go there make sure to bring diving shoes or hiking sandals to be more comfortable and enjoying at the same time.

Suah Rock Formation

When in Dingalan, the so called “Batanes of The East” was the main highlight of our adventure. After 20 to 30 minutes of trekking we were able to see the breathtaking mountain view deck of the Dingalan Summit.

A trivia: I don't know how to swim, and I have a fear of heights. So this trip brought out the best of me. I learned to conquer somehow my fears and I've realized that life is really better when we go outside our comfort zone.

Surely this is one of a kind adventure. I would really love to go back and I will never get tired of it.

Check out our adventure by clicking the link below:

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