Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted in my little space in the internet. I miss it actually. Time flies so fast, and I didn’t realized that it’s been almost four months since the last update.  I just lay down in my bed after work and I thought that it would be nice to write a new entry. Best time also to kick off my series – “What’s up? : Life lately”.

Basically this series will be a random update of what happened with my life, I would like this blog to have a personal touch in it. This is also a way to know me better, knowing the snippets in my life and everything in between. Starting off with….

1.New Work

New opportunities, new environment, new friendships, new knowledge and wisdom – those are the answers that we commonly say when someone is trying to ask, “Why do you left your previous job?” For those who knew me, I left my job last February 18, 2019 as a Sales Executive in an IT company. I cannot contain the pressure and the stress that I’ve through for my three months stay there. Yes, you’ve read it right, I just stayed there for only three months and I think, handing my resignation that day was the one of the best decision that I’ve made because I am now employed where I can feel that I have a purpose, that I can enjoy even in the stressful situations, and most importantly I can see my career path here.  Hashtag no regrets.

2. Avengers: Endgame

Three words: I love it. I can say that this is the greatest movie that I’ve watched so far. This is the conclusion of Infinity Saga that consists of 22 movies. I can’t even believe that I’ve literally cried in the cinema while watching. It’s also my first time watching a movie twice in a cinema, considering that I am a pop culture handicapped. (I admit).  This movie is not just a remarkable movie it’s also a roller-coaster experience.  My love for Captain America and basically to the Avengers just got stronger. I am actually happy and satisfied that way it was ended. It may be a combination of happiness, celebration and heartbreak, but always remember, “Part of the journey is the end.

3. Mother’s Day Celebration

It’s my first time to celebrate Mother’s Day with my boyfriend’s mother. We just ate at Megamall and bought a gift for my mother. It was a prescription glasses that we got on sale at EO. That might be cheap for some, but the smile that I’ve seen from my mother’s face when the EO personnel handed the glasses was priceless.

4. Travel to Tagaytay

Too many firsts in this post! This is my first time to travel with college friends. It was just a weekend getaway that was planned months ago.  I am looking forward to the next adventure with them.

5. BLACKPINK in your area (WHAT?)

I almost asked myself, where I am because I don’t know this group. Technically I know that this group exists however I don’t know how awesome they are. God their songs are on repeat on my phone, also I binged watch their videos on Youtube. So far Lisa Manoban, is my favourite. She got the swag! (If you know what I mean) 

So here it is! Back to work tomorrow. Time to grind ourselves to work for our future. I am planning to post a Life lately entry once a month (hopefully). 
So how was your life so far? Let me know on the comment section below.

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