If I Won the Lottery...

One afternoon, you are walking to a nearby grocery to buy some essentials and you have a little money to spare. After all the errands, you  passed by an authorized lottery outlet and bet all the remaining penny that you have. You are excited and tuning in on announcing the winners and then a moment of silence when you realize that you are the winner.

I hope that it was that easy, at one blink of an eye, our life will turn around 360 degrees.

And the million dollar question is: What will I do if I won the lottery?

•Invest in a property | House and lot / Condominium

This is a no brainer for me. The first thing that I will do is to buy a property straight away. This is my childhood dream. I love to have a nice and cozy place to relax and eventually build my own family.

Below are the aesthetics that I want for my dream house. 

• Travel

Paris is my dream destination. I navigate towards those classy Youtubers who are living their best lives and watch their Paris travel videos. If I have a chance to go to Paris, I will definitely channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. I will wear the best OOTD that I could possibly think of, take a lot of photos and enjoy the French cuisine.

•Savings and Investment

This pandemic situation thought me how important having Emergency Fund. I will make sure that I have an emergency fund, and retirement fund as well. I will also allocate an amount to invest on the stock market and let the money work for me.

•Giving back / Volunteer

There are a lot of people that is not fortunate and experiencing hardships in life so I will  make a point to give back to those in need. I will join charity and volunteering activities to share the blessings that I received. 

***All photos are from Pinterest

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