Our First Vikings Experience

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Have you ever tried to go to a buffet restaurant and you are excited to eat but upon seeing the foods to choose from the only thing that you can do is just staring? Weird as it sounds but that was my reaction the first time I ate at Vikings Luxury Buffet.
We had a reservation last January 8, 2019 which apparently my boyfriend’s 24th birthday. We are actually contemplating if we’re going to eat in Korean buffet or in Vikings and obviously we chose the latter and never regret it.
I called for an appointment last January 7, a day before his birthday. Since I’m with birthday celebrant, he can enjoy the buffet for free and I just paid for one person.
We arrived there at 6:30 in the evening since I came all the way from work. We were attended immediately and the staff led me and my boyfriend to our table.
I am personally mesmerized by its interior. Vikings Megamall was art museum inspired. There are paintings hang on the walls. It felt so warm and cozy and I just wanted to stay for good literally.
They served foods from different cuisines and I’m having a lot of trouble of choosing what I’m going to eat and in the end I just stick with the foods I’m familiar with. I have a sensitive stomach and I don’t want to risk it, since I will go to work the next day.
During our second hour in the buffet, Christian was given a cake with a personalized greeting and some staff walked around per table to greet the birthday celebrant which is so thoughtful of them.
Overall, I enjoyed our stay there. I love the food especially the salad bar wherein we’re the ones who will assemble the salad based on our preference. There are a lot of dressings to choose from and what I love was the Caesar Salad and the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette. Also, the seafood - the crabs, shrimps and the baked oyster was awesome.
It may be pricey for a buffet but I personally think that it’s worth it. The staffs were approachable and friendly. They serve great selection of food plus the ambiance is actually worth every single penny. I will definitely go back and try other dish, that’s for sure.
BEWARE: Mouth-watering goodness is coming on your way.

My favorite so far

Vikings Luxury Buffet
Address: 4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Bldg. D SM Mega Mall, EDSA Corner Julia Vargas Ave, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 656 3888

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